Aims & Principles

I have a ‘no trauma’ policy in my practice. This is not conventional counselling or psychology, and there really is no need to relive a bad memory just to get over it. If talking alone was going to fix an issue, then I’m sure we would have all been fixed long ago!

Try something different now.
All sessions are fully based on the individual client’s needs.

Clients are never pushed into uncomfortable situations or feelings. All situations are handled gently & sensitively, so that NO trauma need be re-lived.

Clients are not given ‘advice’, as there is no ‘right or wrong’ answer to anything, only a different perspective.

You will be encouraged & guided to your own personal success in your own unique way.

The therapies on offer are very gentle & compassionate to potentially sensitive subjects
…or if you’d like a bit of brutal ‘get up & go’ style coaching, that’s possible too!