Birth Trauma

Unfortunately, in today’s conveyor belt of a birth system so many women and men are coming out with Birth Trauma, and resulting in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
All too often, women share with me tales of feeling coerced, out of control, fearing for their lives or the life of their baby, “shell shocked”. Fathers tell me how they just didn’t know what to do to help their loved ones, also fearing for their lives, also shell shocked and not knowing which way to turn.
Replaying the birth experience over and over, the what-ifs and the could-haves.

Frequently misdiagnosed at Postnatal Depression, Post Traumatic Stress usually has depression, anxiety, insomnia as symptoms. Though I am talking about Birth Trauma here, this can all still relate to trauma in pregnancy, after birth, or other occasions.

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Birth Trauma Relief 3 stage programme overview.
I work with a system using EFT (Tapping) Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness.
We debrief (whilst tapping, which I will have introduced you to), I hear your story, how you feel, and when you feel that you’ve been heard and understood, we then move onto Solution Focused Questions.
This is the beginning of the programme, and a crucial part, and then we move onto the hypnotherapy and NLP parts.
Shifts happen and deepen at each stage. One of the key purposes of the treatment is to shift you out of Fight or Flight, as the part of the brain triggered, called the amygdala, is on high alert, and the aim is to process the memory, and store it safely in the hippocampus, as a past memory, with no negative heightened emotions attached.
We practice calming mindful breathing, and ways to use these tools in other areas of your life.

This work can be done for traumas and negative experiences of all kinds, and is not limited just to birth trauma.

The debrief is potentially the most uncomfortable part, and if you want to work content-free that is also an option. We can work symbolically and with feelings, as opposed to retreading the story.

Each person is an individual, and the sessions are based on you and your needs.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
How long are the sessions?
The first session is 2 hours long, the second session is 1 hour 30 minutes and the third is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
If all is well, we will be done. Sometimes people see how quickly and easily they have moved passed these experiences and choose to work on, and clear, other negative aspects of life as well.

Sometimes, as a result of these sessions, other aspects of life just change too.

If you are dealing with the after-effects of trauma, you don’t need to read further to find out more about PTSD, as your personal experience is unique.

If you would like to book the appointments to work with me, you can find the available appointment times by following either of these links.

This one is for the online, and we will work via Skype –

This one is for in person, at my clinic in Harrogate, North Yorkshire –

This is to book the first appointment, and I suggest you immediately book the subsequent sessions (listed as free) for a week apart.
In person subsequent here. Online subsequent here.

The fee is a reduced rate of £225 for all three sessions.
(5 hours at the usual rate of £65 per hour is £325, so a saving of £100 for the package)

* The fee is the same for online/in person, the link is different, as I work online on different days of the week to the in person sessions