Jay’s blog is over yonder…

It has been quite some time since I updated the blog on here, but I do post over on Baby Alchemy much more. Take a peak! https://www.babyalchemy.co/blog/

Birth Doulas. A dying breed?

Birth Doulas. A dying breed? I used to be a Birth Doula. It was a labour of love. I gave all I had to my clients… even at the expense of Christmas day with my children one year. I have supported the most amazing women, with and without their husbands. I have seen the most Continue reading »

Why I really want to hold your baby

Why I really want to hold your baby. I’m quite an expert you know. Four babies of my own, one surrogate baby successfully created and delivered safely for her awaiting parents. Maybe we will manage to create another. Who knows. I don’t want any more babies. But I so want to hold yours. And yet Continue reading »

Childbirth With Unnecessary Fear

All too ¬†often I hear stories from mothers old and new about how traumatic and difficult giving birth is… so even though I can empathise, I feel frustrated and saddened at why so many women are repeatedly experiencing these difficult and horrid births. Then, just the other day, I heard a fascinating story/viewpoint from a Continue reading »

Peru Itinerary… and excitement :)

Although I don’t have time to copy & attach the pictures that accompanied this¬†itinerary, I thought it was worthwhile sharing with those who have asked about the route, and timescales. Off to bed now, and tomorrow at 7am my journey begins! VERY excited. Jay xx Peru Machu Picchu Trek Peru is frequently referred to as Continue reading »

and so it goes on…

Phew! What a few months it has been. This blog is really to thank those who have helped me through since my ‘grumble’ blog… and also a reminder about how being positive and full of gratitude can really help us all (don’t worry – there’s no preaching on ‘that subject’, it’s merely my observation!) My Continue reading »

Business as usual… plus a little bit more!

This post has been written and re-written several times over, as my decision about my future, and how I work has been made. Rather than try re-write all that I have thought about, I thought it might be best to keep it simple (for a change!) and maybe even short and sweet?! A lot of Continue reading »

A little grumble and offload!

Well, tonight I’m feeling a little need for a bit of a grumble on my blog. I am only human after all. I’ve had a week or so of mixed emotions, after finding out that my landlord wants his house back for himself, the prospect of finding a new house, packing this one, continuing to Continue reading »

Bumps and Bubbas!

Whilst I’m writing up information for my new website, I thought I’d share a little with you… my views on birthing: Pregnancy and giving birth to babies really is one of the most powerful things our bodies will ever go through. That said, it can also be the most rewarding and beautiful time. Media, the Continue reading »