Emotional Freedom Technique has roots in the USA & is rapidly becoming well known worldwide as a ‘try it on everything’ therapy. It was developed by Gary Craig in the 90’s. This is the wacky tapping thing that most of you will have seen Paul McKenna using alongside NLP & Hypnosis.

EFT bridges the gap between talking therapies & ancient acupressure therapies. It is one of those things that just has to be tried & experienced rather than reading an explanation.

Yet if you really want to know the basics, I’ll give it a go!

The basis is that emotions cause physical symptoms. Think ‘stress headaches’ ‘nervous runny tummies’, or the heavy dragging feeling you get when feeling sad or guilty. On a happier note think about the beautiful fluttery feeling you have when you feel real love.

If these obvious emotions cause such noticeable physical results, then think about what physical or mental symptoms you have & what emotions may quietly lie behind.

See! I told you it’s a definite one to experience rather than explain!

Try it on everything…it’s almost limitless as to what this therapy works well on. I particularly like this therapy for weight issues, as I have never come across a person who doesn’t agree deep down that their weight problem has an underlying emotional cause.

It is actually a very gentle therapy too. You don’t have to go digging around in the past to solve the issue either. Try EFT for Weight Loss, Head Aches, Stress, Emotional Upsets, Children’s Problems, Relationship Issues, Aches & Pains, Anxieties, Personal Development, Getting Past Limiting Beliefs…the list goes on and on!