Hypnobirthing has become a massive business in the last few years.
I love the positive birth focus, but I don’t much like the hypnobirthing hype.

No technique should take credit for a woman’s birthing ability. No one should go into birth believing that they need to do this particular technique in this particular way. No one should expect to behave a particular way in birth.

I have birthed six babies (over five labours) and each one has been very different. The breathing techniques or visualisation that I have instinctively used have been very different, despite practicing certain ones through pregnancy.

There are too many people expecting to be able to breathe their baby out.  You know what? You may wish to moo or roar him or her out instead.

You may hope for a peaceful birth and may get it, or you may have very strong sensations and a very intense birth… this can be very positive too.

Now I will share why I love hypnosis and hypnotherapy so much.

– Using hypnotherapy or self hypnosis as a tool to release unwanted worries or fears is great.
– Using hypnotherapy or self hypnosis to practice a variety of visualisations and words to enable relaxation is incredible.
– Using hypnotherapy or self hypnosis to embed positive birth affirmations is empowering.

Hypnobirthing is not Hypnotherapy.
Training in Clinical Hypnosis is a different section of your training to be a Hypnotherapist. Hypnobirthing courses are not either of those!
The people who have created the courses are trained in the above, and have created short courses to help train others in how to use some techniques to enable you to relax and believe in your ability to birth your baby. That’s a definite worthwhile investment in yourself… and if you achieve a positive and empowering birth, that’s fantastic, it’s YOU who did that.

When you look back at the birth of your baby with pride and wonder, it’s important to remember that the techniques you used to access your own inner resources aren’t as important as the fact that your inner resources were already there, deep inside, waiting to be allowed to surface. The inner warrior you already have within you.

Your body, your mind, your birth, in your unique way.

I do run occasional group hypnobirthing sessions, but much prefer tailored one to one. Please drop me a line if you would like to book. Checking out my dedicated Fertility and Birth website, Baby Alchemy, is a good option, as is the facebook page, where group events are shared mostly.