Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy should never be understated. Our minds control our bodies, and yet such a lot of us have forgotten that we control our minds. Our conscious mind has the ability to work on and use such a limited amount of things in any one go, whereas our subconscious mind – our control room – is working on many many thousands of things without you even having to action it.

Some times our programmes can go a bit out of sync, and we need a little help to reprogram or even just remember how we really want to do things. Including things such as rebooting our immune systems or or hormones.

Fortunately clinical hypnotherapy doesn’t require dancing like a chicken or eating an onion. It is safe, and you remain fully in control. Hypnosis is just relaxed state where your focus is inwards and on you.

Hypnotherapy is great for a huge number of things, and I like to use it as my main form of therapy alongside EFT. I find NLP fits into everything that I do naturally.

Try hypnosis for anxieties, limiting beliefs, fertility issues, migraines, teeth grinding, smoking, habits, stress, sleeping problems, anger management, relationship issues, phobias & many many more things…