Jay Kelly

A bit about Jay

Although my main area is as a Fertility Specialist, I have got to this point by working in many areas. From weight problems, confidence issues, PTSD, birth trauma, even helping gents improve their golf skills! (If it’s good enough for Tiger Woods…)

I thoroughly enjoy helping people manage stress and anxiety reactions.

I have four wonderful teenage daughters and recently helped my friends become the family they had desired for so long by carrying their two babies in a two surrogate pregnancies. Going through IVF for them has really helped me find a fresh new ground to be able to help my clients from.

I answer my own calls, and so if I am in an appointment, my phone will be silenced, so please do leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as. I also tend to only pick up work calls in the daytime, to set an example to my own clients – turn off work, and turn your life and joy back on. So please drop me a line and I will reply.

My style is intuitive and a little eclectic at times… but works well for my clients,
I am happy to listen to people’s ideas about which therapy they would like to try, but I also ask you to be open minded, as it is best to take each situation as it arises and on its own merit. Every session is as individual as the people that we are!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Please contact Jay on info@iamjaykelly.co.uk