I believe that meditation is the best tool that we have… and it’s easily accessible.

Whether your meditation is guided, or breathe work, or mantras, or one of the many other ways, or a mix (I like a mix!) any meditation is better than no meditation.

Even on the busiest of days, sparing 1 minute for breath work would be the most beneficial use of time.

Most of my meditation work is done in groups, rather than one to one, and done in person in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

There is a:
Monthly Mindful &Resilient women’s group.
Monthly Teenage Girls Mindfulness group.
A small luna calendar based Red Tent group.

Check out Insight Timer as an amazing meditation resource. This has been my favourite meditation apps for quite some time.
It is free to access and gives you access to an abundance of amazing free meditations across so many genres, and lots of low price courses too.

You can find my Red Tent Womb meditation on there, as well as others.