Sessions, fees & packages

Sessions, fees and packages

Sessions are tailored to suit you as an individual,

The fee varies depending on the appointment.
Here is a guide:

Mindfulness & Resilient Parenting Meditation group £7.50 (90 mins)

Teenage girls Meditation group £7.50 (90 mins)

Clinical Hypnotherapy £90 (90 mins)

EFT £90 (90 mins)

Reiki £47 (55 mins)

Birth Trauma Therapy £90 (2 hours)

Birth Preparation & Fear Releasing £120 (2 and a half hours)

Fertility Debrief/Plan/Treatment £120 (2 and a half hours)

Follow on Fertility sessions £90 (90 minutes)

There is a further reduction for packages.

The fee includes not only my time spent with you, but also goes towards the overheads that I have to keep up – the membership to professional bodies and insurance, my CPD (Continual Professional Development) that I have to do each year, which keeps my skills and practice up-to-date and moving forward, general overheads that all businesses have, for example tax and National Insurance.

It is my wish that no one is priced out of help. In the grand scheme of private IVF costs, I feel that I provide a service that is a tiny fraction of that cost. If anyone is of means tested benefits and would like to speak to me about help being more accessible, please do let me know.

Payment and cancellation policies.
Payment is preferred prior to the appointment and then the full time is given to your needs, and you are not thinking about remembering to pay at the end. (Feedback from clients has made me decide this is the best way to do it)
Packages are paid in advance, and although it is better for you to see me weekly/fortnightly, there is only a time limit of a year, to take the pressure off you.

I have limited timeslots each week, so to be fair to other client’s, I ask that at least 48 hours notice of cancellation is given if possible. 24 hours or less will be charged for at the rate at the time. Time slots cannot be filled at such short notice normally.

My timeslots are usually:

Monday one appointment from 12.30.

Tuesday 10am and 12.30 appointments.

Depending on the week I can sometimes do a Wednesday or Thursdays, but again, only 2 potential appointments.

Occasionally I can do a Friday evening or a Saturday daytime appointment, but as you can appreciative these fill up fast.