Here are some testimonials from my clients (all names are changed for privacy & permission has been given to share with you):

Listen to one client’s verbal testimonial by clicking here.

A testimonial from a very wonderful client April 2012
“I am grateful every day that life events caused my path to cross with Jay’s. I first met her when was I was going through a particularly difficult and challenging time having lost two much wanted babies in the space of 6 months. I can say with confidence that the help and support that Jay has provided me with have been invaluable in my recovery. I am still on the journey but knowing that she is there with me gives me renewed courage and positivity and a strength I didn’t know I had in me before I met her. Jay’s immense knowledge of her subject is inspiring and leaves you with no doubt that you are in very safe and caring hands. I had no understanding or experience of hypnotherapy or tapping before meeting Jay and, I imagine like many of us, I was cynical as to the benefits or success of treatments like these. I have however been amazed by the results and the changes in me since seeing Jay. My friends and family also comment that I now have a noticeably different outlook on life.

I am now thrilled to be pregnant again and I am convinced that the time I have spent with Jay has helped me achieve this so quickly after the heartbreak of last year. Alongside fantastic recommendations for physically preparing my body for pregnancy, she has taught me that the mind and body are so closely interlinked that your mind must be on board fully to achieve a healthy conception. I am now a strong believer in this having seen the results first hand! I am reassured knowing that I will have Jay’s support and guidance during this new chapter of my life and all the different emotions it will bring with it. I look forward to drawing on her expertise in this subject and using her techniques to help me have a memorable and enjoyable birth experience.

I simply cannot recommend Jay highly enough to anyone that needs emotional support whether it be related to fertility, pregnancy or other life issues, and can guarantee that you too will be grateful that she has become a part of your life.”

Birth Doula Client’s testimonial after the wonderful VBAC of her second beautiful baby:
“Having found myself a single parent only a few months before I was due my second son I needed to look at options for a birthing partner. I had heard about Doulas before and came across Jay. I immediately felt at ease in her company and about the birth of George. Jay helped me focus on the important things while being sympathetic to the emotional rollercoaster I had recently experienced and was still dealing with. We focused on the joy of bringing a new baby into the world and discussed what I wanted the birth to be like in detail to make sure I got the birthing experience I wanted. I felt in control and calm about the journey I was about to embark on. Being a mother herself and having extensive studies behind her Jay intuitively knew the level of support I required emotionally and physically throughout this journey. A mixture of hypnotherapy, massage and creating the right environment meant I had a wonderful birthing experience and one that I will think back on fondly. The thing that stood out the most to me was that I felt that I had Jay’s support 100% and that was very important to me having been let down so badly in my personal life so recently.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jay’s influence assisted in a successful VBAC, her belief in my ability and encouragement really helped me remain focused and calm when panic could of set in! An amazing experience and one I’m so pleased I got to experience

I won’t hesitate to use Jay again in the future!”
Testimonial from Lucy, December 2011

The following is what a 9 year old client said in conversation to her mother after a session regarding her anxiety about going to the dentist, following some unpleasant experiences:
“I talked to Jay about my little bit of nerves about the dentist and she talked to me about tapping and now I’m not scared any more. And I’m really happy to go to the dentist now.

Jay told me if I don’t want to do it public I can just do this (shows tapping of thumb and index finger). I can just think of her telling me.

I can control things because my nerves aren’t as worried and scared as they used to be before I learnt how to tap. I can use it for friendship and school and when I can’t get to sleep or when I just feel scared when it’s dark and stuff, I can just tap and calm myself down.”

Louise G’s email following a session for an anxiety issue:
“Dear Jay

Thanks so much for talking to me, following an unpleasant episode with someone I came into contact with at my workplace. Although I had dealt with a lot of the fall-out that the episode resulted in (and had received outstanding support from official sources for those aspects), I didn’t even realise until we talked that self-acceptance and feelings of guilt that I had somehow allowed the situation to develop, were strong and damaging feelings that I was still suffering from.

Not only did you help me to understand this but the work that we did to break down these incorrect and deeply distressing beliefs has really helped me to both move past the episode and take some positive outcomes from it.

It was so quick and easy too and the great thing was that I didn’t have to go into detail about the whole thing, living through it all again, scoring the bad bits ever deeper into myself, which is what I have had to endure with other people I have spoken to – along with dealing with their judgements, opinions and explanations of what could have been, might have happened etc. You very quickly learn to stop talking about experiences like that because it is all you can do to survive yourself, let alone manage the well-meant but often unhelpful opinions of the world and his wife. It isn’t as though you haven’t lived through every single one of their thoughts, endlessly over and over.

As well as the instant effect of the work we did, I have noticed that as time goes on I am feeling stronger and stronger. It’s as though the episode is becoming reduced to just facts – it happened but the feelings it engendered are going. It was the feelings it left that were the problem, not the fact that it happened? It feels as though we planted a good seed which is flourishing away inside me, all on its own.

Many thanks again

Peter’s recommendation after a session for breaking a habit:
“Jay has helped me enormously with personal development and improved my well being and health as a result. Her personal approach and openness puts you at ease immediately and her knowledge of her subject makes it a pleasure to work with Jay. I’d recommend her to anyone.”