Meditation really is one of the best self-help tools that we have for mental and emotional health.
It is easily accessible, any time of the day or night. The tools are within you, whether it is your breath, a silent mantra or phrase, a visualisation, mindful walking in the woods or even watching a branch sway in the breeze through a window.
It can be a minute long or an hour.

Breathing meditations are known to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, and lower stress hormones, within no time of engaging the breath.

Even on the busiest of days, sparing 1 minute for breath work would be the most beneficial use of time.

If you need a prop, try your hand.

Hand tracing meditation:
Holding your least dominant hand out (resting on your lap or a desk is fine, palm up or down, it doesn’t matter), using your other hand (whichever finger suits) start at the base of the thumb.
Breathing in as you slowly move up your thumb to the tip of your thumb.
Breathing out as you go down the thumb.
Breathing in as you slowly move up the index finger.
Breathing out as you move down the index finger.
Continue to do this, slowing the breath, and the movement.
Find the pace that suits you.
You can do one hand, or move onto the other hand if you feel drawn to. Noticing a calmness come over you, as your body relaxes, and the chemical balance shifts over from cortisol to oxytocin.

If you like a bit more meditation guidance or a tracker, then check out Insight Timer as an amazing free meditation resource. This has been my favourite meditation apps for quite some time.
It is free to access and gives you access to an abundance of amazing free meditations across so many genres, and lots of low price courses too.

You can find a few of my meditations on there:

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